Transform Stress Into Strength for Women in Post Mid-Life



Is your relationship with food linked to coping with stressful situations or traumatic events.

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Your shouldn't have to suffer from stress trying to balance the responsibilities of caregiving, work and family matters

Stress is an umbrella term for so many things. It manifests itself into illness without knowing it's happening.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're struggling from anxiety or depression and unable to cope
  • Feel ongoing chronic pain or headaches,
  • You've been living with adrenal fatigue, an autoimmune disease or high blood pressure
  • You're burned out and regularly suffer with disruptive sleep cycles.



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I help you develop coping strategies and mindfulness practices to build resilience, reduce stress and improve your health.


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Our brain is vulnerable to burnout and working overtime. Modern imaging shows that the harder we work, the brain needs more nourishment, regular activity and social engagement to function at its best. The brain is plastic and can change at any age!


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Habits are the foundation of our day to day function. When aging, our health becomes more important and the beauty is that our habits can evolve as we learn and discover new things to take care of ourselves. We are a work in progress and so are habits!


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We feel better when we get a good night's sleep! Most importantly is maintaining a regular sleep schedule,  being active during the day, eating nourishing foods and reducing stress levels before going to bed.




What Clients Are Saying

"It was empowering to be in a course that focused on making one’s life a healthy and vibrant one. I walked away with a lot of useful tips and information I can apply now.”
- Susan G.

"Rani has been incredible to work with, going beyond what I expected. I felt comfortable talking with her about my issues; it is clear she takes in all the information and cares about what you are saying."
- Amanda H.

"Rani helped me refine my already highly specialized diet to get me to a place of peak performance. Did I mention how easy she is to work with?"
- Mark K.


I understand what it's like to feel so stressed out, tired and overwhelmed because I've been in your shoes.....READ MY STORY

  • Certified Nutritionist Practitioner (CNP, 2015)
  • Began The Wellness Wagon (food products)
  • Rebranded to Rani Glick Wellness, 2018, Counselling individuals and organizations.
  • Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Practitioner, 2018
  • Mindfulness and Mindful Eating Facilitator, 2021
  • Somatic Movement Trainer, Fall 2023


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“The body knows how to heal itself; we must listen.”

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