Hi I'm Rani, a certified holistic nutritionist, mindful eating and MBSR trainer.

Inspiring calm and compassion.


Hi I'm Rani, a certified holistic nutritionist, mindful eating and mindfulness trainer.

Inspiring calm and compassion.

I support those living with chronic illness and mental stress discover their resilience for better functional health.

I help fill a gap in healthcare that listens, tracks and assists the whole person with essential dietary and lifestyle practices to achieve better wellness. Using the natural power of whole foods, movement and mindful awareness, I provide a pathway for supporting their self care. Mindful eating is one major component for supporting your health for weight loss, illness or having a better relationship with food.

You don’t have to wait to feel better!

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How it works?

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Living with chronic illness can be overwhelming often feeling misunderstood by doctors or the people around you.

It can lead to chronic stress that will aggravate symptoms even more. I take the time to listen to your story recognizing your unique biodiversity that requires individual attention.

The assessment process takes into account all of you.

Going beyond symptoms and listening to your life story, health history, and everything in between and using a variety of tools.

The goal is to get to the root of what is not functioning  and is preventing you from not feeling your best. We work together!

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Mindful awareness is an effective and simple (non evasive) approach to staying positive while living with chronic illness.

It builds empathy, compassion, loving kindness, acceptance and hope when coping with stress. Using the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) method, you are introduced to a strong foundation of mindfulness practices to apply to your daily life.

Rani presents Mindfulness Workshops to organizations and businesses facilitating the 8 week MBSR program.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"It was empowering to be in a course that focused on making one’s life a healthy and vibrant one. I walked away with a lot of useful tips and information I can apply now.”
- Susan G.

"Rani has been incredible to work with, going beyond what I expected. I felt comfortable talking with her about my issues; it is clear she takes in all the information and cares about what you are saying."
- Amanda H.

"Rani helped me refine my already highly specialized diet to get me to a place of peak performance. Did I mention how easy she is to work with?"
- Mark K.

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