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Brain health for women over 60

Hi! I'm Rani Glick, the Mindful Nutritionist  and brain health expert. I am on a mission to redefine aging and empower women over 60 to feel vibrant, excited and alive.  I can help you move from surviving to thriving, using natural healing practices to living a productive and active life!

You don’t have to wait to feel better!

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Growing older is challenging and can feel isolating, stressful and painful.

You've seen many doctors and specialists and continue to struggle with symptoms of brain fog, disrupted sleep, muscle pain, or just feeling overwhelmed!

You want to feel comfortable in your skin to do the many things you want to do?

Don't you deserve an active and productive life to enjoy with your family and friends?



What if..

  • You felt on top of the world and healthy!
  • You felt safe and secure,
  • You are being active and energized,
  • You are going out with family and friends with no anxiety about your body or illness.

Staying positive when living with uncertainty.

I'm here as The Mindful Nutritionist to help you gain control of your health so you can move from surviving to thriving and live a productive and active life.

Find out more....


How can we work together?

You can connect with me anytime by booking a discovery call. I offer one-to-one consultations, workshops and online programs. Check out the programs below and their starting dates coming up this fall.

NOVEMBER - FEED THE BRAIN: A mindful Eating approach to nourishing the body, heart and mind! 
Are you tired of counting calories, being on a diet or uncomfortable with your body image?
Learn how Feed the Brain investigates weight maintenance and loss for the long term.
NOVEMBER - HEAL TO HEALTH: A mindful practice to coping with stress!
Are you experiencing significant stressors that are preventing you from making decisions or taking action?
Learn how establishing a mindfulness practice can alleviate those stressors.
This session will give you an in-depth understanding of the topic on your mind and how it relates to your optimum health.
Feel free to book a discovery call to discuss your concerns before making the commitment for an in-depth consultation.
You can sign up for 10 Meditation + Movement Sessions to practice together in a group with invited quest speakers (live and recorded).
There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness and movement in a community to socialize and embody the practice.

"Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self transformation"

What Clients Are Saying

"It was empowering to be in a course that focused on making one’s life a healthy and vibrant one. I walked away with a lot of useful tips and information I can apply now.”
- Susan G.

"Rani has been incredible to work with, going beyond what I expected. I felt comfortable talking with her about my issues; it is clear she takes in all the information and cares about what you are saying."
- Amanda H.

"Rani helped me refine my already highly specialized diet to get me to a place of peak performance. Did I mention how easy she is to work with?"
- Mark K.

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