2 Nutritious White Comforting Foods and Recipes

Have you been told not to eat white foods? Yes, processed white foods absolutely. There are a whole variety of delicious white whole foods to eat.

I’ve been seeking out the perfect croissant at the bakeries and cafes in my neighbourhood. That is white processed foods with no nutritional value and while they are delicious for a fraction of a second,  there’s not much long lasting satisfaction there.

Exploring new foods is great way to keep the digestive system stimulated and engaged. Eating the same foods all the time, you may notice makes the digestive system sluggish. You’ll have a better bowel movement or sleep when you’ve eaten something different. Switching up breakfast, lunch and dinner foods can add more pizzazz into your life.

Two great white foods and recipes:

Creamy Cauliflower Soup and Moong Dal Cashew, Pistachio Salad.

The most creative dishes I’ve enjoyed making this winter have been soups. I love soup, I have it everyday, I make sure I have a soup in the fridge or one cooking on the stove.

Soups are nourishing and fills you up with little effort. They are so easy to make especially when you’re cleaning out the fridge. Plant and meat-based soups and meat broths are a gentle way to begin a meal without overworking the digestive system to chew and break down solid foods.

Cauliflower is an underrated vegetable. White, (comes in a variety of colours), flowery, great texture perfect alone, roasted or blended. It is part of the cruciferous family similar to broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cabbages and blends in with so many ingredients as a thickener, creamy texture, neutralizes flavour or can be used as a rice.

One of my favourite ways to eat cauliflower is to roast it in the oven with some salt pepper, some oil and a sprinkle of curry. It’s a quick snack and an excellent side dish. I also like to add pine nuts, raisins and chopped cucumber.

Cauliflowers is a good source of fibre, full of omega three fatty acids and includes energy producing vitamins B1 B2, B5 and phosphorus. It contains sleep promoting tryptophan, muscle building proteins and is beneficial for breaking down toxic molecules that can damage cell membranes  within in the cell nucleus that do not detoxify in the liver. Cauliflower promotes heart health by producing folic acid and vitamin B6.

Here’s the recipe for Creamy Cauliflower Soup

I’m always on the look out for new plant-based proteins that I can add to my food repertoire and I discovered white lentils also called Moong dal or split green gram. I made a dish with them years ago and never found it  again until I went to a dinner party at a friend’s place and had an authentic homemade Indian dinner prepared by her  housemate Yoga. Yoga is from the northwestern part of India and the foods were  based on his mother’s home cooked meals. The dinner included a spread of vegetable appetizers, mains such as chicken smothered in a green cilantro and mint pesto with cooked dal and rice. I couldn’t get enough if it’s fresh mix of flavours and textures.

Lentils are a staple in Indian and middle eastern countries. Their benefits improve and maintain heart health for lowering cholesterol, weight loss and maintenance because of its high fiber content and supporting healthy blood sugar levels, as a low glycemic food which stabilizes mood, stress and digestion. lentils are full of polyphenol nutrients of minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, iron and folate.

Here is the recipe for Moong Dal Cashew and Pistachio Salad

Enjoy these wonderful recipes at your next meal . There are endless possibilities to enjoy these foods with other proteins and creating new dishes with cauliflower and white lentils. Expand your food palate!!!!



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