21 Life Wellness Principles for $21

Hello! I hope you are all well and staying safe!

We are living in unprecedented times the world has never experienced before.

The massive economic shutdown has many people working from home, out of work or pivoting their businesses and lifestyles. This global pandemic has exposed our vulnerability about our health, how we live and travel, the deficiencies of elderly care and our social proximity to one another.
Despite the enormity of sickness and deaths that have occurred globally, we are witnessing extraordinary acts of kindness, communities coming together and the commitment of front-line workers saving lives.
There have been monumental changes in our environment as airplanes, cars and factories shut down, pollution rates dropped in cities around the world, animal life returned to canals and rivers and carbon emissions dropped by 5.5%. The virus itself has totally enabled the way we live.
Governments and businesses are now preparing plans for the next phase of “normal” as we knew it. There are still so many unknowns about how we will integrate back into work or congregate with family and friends… But we do know more about ourselves, and the importance of socialization and relationships.
What have been your experiences thoughts and feelings during Covid 19?

Join me for an online series
21 Life Wellness Principles for $21
Embrace your joy and wellness for health, work, family and the environment

Tremendous acts of kindness and positive personal experiences are taking place during this time. We have slowed down, spent more quality time with family, reset our energy and reflected about how we might live in the future.
21 Life Wellness Principles is about your view on health, looking for the rainbows, the silver lining of lives, your stories, experiences, and what to take to the next level of a ’ normal’ life.
In this short series, you will receive 21 life wellness principles each day from Monday to Thursday (15 days) on these topics:
• Healthy Living
• Self Care
• Home/Work/Life Stage Balance
• Relationships
• Communication
• Community
On Friday’s, we’ll meet virtually for a Q&A sharing stories about your rainbows.


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This is a fun and simple series to engage with others about your experiences during this unique time!


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