72 hour Sugar Challenge

I hope you’ve had an fabulous summer!

The summer was a great time for relaxing, letting go of routines and habits. enjoying time at cottages, the warm weather and eating good food at barbeques,cocktails, ice cream, and delicious sweets.
Now that we’re halfway through the month of September and revving up for fall, it is a perfect time for shifting your mindset and reducing your sugar intake.
Everyone loves sugar! Our brains need glucose to function and energy but  that’s not the same sugar! Today, the volume of processed sugar in most diets is beyond what the body can hand;le and has ignited a major epidemic!
In the 1950’s, a person consumed about 30 grams of sugar a day (6 teaspoons/day). In the 1980’s, sugar consumption (with table sugar and high fructose corn syrup) increased to 126 grams per person a year (25 teaspoons/day). Today, the average person consumes 152 grams of sugar/day (30.5 teaspoons of sugar/day), found in drinks, yogurt which has more sugar than a can of soda and tomato sauce which has more sugar than two Oreo cookies. Wow!
Get over your cravings for sugar!
I’m inviting you to particpate in a Free 72 hour No Sugar Challenge, starting Monday September 23rd.
Over three days, you will trigger your brain to shift the habit from eating sugar-based foods. Studies have proven that It takes 61 days to change a habit. This challenge is just the start!
There is sugar is in every piece of bought, packaged, or processed foods but not in whole foods! When you stop eating sugar-based foods and eat whole foods, you will not crave it!
Imagine enjoying a muli-coloured plate of vegetables, quality fish and some grains.  No bread, cookie or soda to go with it. Made of mouth-watering foods that taste delicious and are satisfying.
When you take the time to eat your food, really chew and savour the taste, you will discover the sweetness in those foods thatwill  have more flavour and texture.
In this 72-Hour No Sugar Challenge, you’ill be surprised how great you’ill feel in just three days with less bloating, headaches, cramping or stiffness.  You will not be deprived of any food groups.  Quality proteins (animal and plant-based), vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and grains are all included. In addition, you will receive some great kitchen tips, menu ideas and recipes to use.
Take the plunge and sign up below for the 72-Hour No Sigar Challenge starting Monday September 23rd.
Once you sign up, you will receive three emails over the enxt couple of days before the challenge begins.
I will be doing the challenge with you too!
If you have any questions, contact me at wellness@raniglick.com
In good health,
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