Ah, Spring Thaw, The Pain of Allergies!

It’s officially spring and the delightful signs of Lily of the Valley, crocuses and other spring flowers are poking through gardens after the top layers of permafrost are melting from the winter freeze. Thus begins the spread of allergens from decay, mold and pollen blooms with hay fever symptoms.

Sneezing, coughing, eyes tearing, extreme cold symptoms, rashes, sinus problems are annoying to say the least when we wish to be outside enjoying the glorious weather and activities.

We typically think of an allergy from the symptoms mentioned above. Yet, they can morph into serious forms of arthritis, gall bladder disease, intractable headaches, Crohn’s disease, depression, psychotic behavior and more than one hundred conditions not normally thought of as allergy.

We are all born with a “barrel,” that combination of hereditary, genetics and toxic environmental components that build up. Environmental toxins can be heavy metals, pollution, consumption of medications, antibiotics, and other chemical influences.

Our body reaches a point of toxic overload!

When the barrel is overflowing, allergic symptoms emerge, it’s like a faucet leaking a slow drip that starts to overflow when reaching the top of the bowl.

Most of us live at that threshold!

It’s never one cause but a result of many insults occurring to the body.

It can also be from stress, eating food quickly without chewing or the type of foods we eat that triggers the immune system to become weaker unable to protect the body from toxins and allergic irritants.

What can you do to lower the barrel?

Stop using antihistamines that band-aid the problem and start healing it.

Building up your digestive health and immune system are key to healing your allergy symptoms.

1) Nutrients cannot be absorbed into the body without proper stomach acid (Hydrochloric acid, HCl):

  • The pH balance is critical for absorption and the digestive system working properly. (Absorption occurs at 2-3 pH level).
  • HCl does not digest food but stimulates an active enzyme pepsinogen called pepsin. To become an active enzyme the body needs to break down the digestion of protein

How to improve Stomach Acid:

  • Drinking 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice and in warm water away from food (a suitable time is in the morning before breakfast) and wait. Helps with morning bowel movements too. Repeat daily.
  • Taking a tsp of apple cider vinegar (in a little water or by itself)
  • Using the supplement Betaine before each meal starting with one capsule and increasing until you feel a burn and then reducing to a comfortable amount at each meal for two to three weeks. (one to three capsules at each meal or less is average).

2) The digestive and immune systems are connected:

  • Seventy percent of immune cells lives in the gut.
  • Balancing of good and bad gut flora controls that relationship for the immune system to function properly.

Balance Bacteria: Taking a probiotic daily. If you have been having problems for a while, start with taking 25 billion or 50 billion of a probiotic (kept in the fridge, Genestra Intensive or Metagenics Ultra) and when feeling better, (a few months) reduce to 11 billion daily.

3) Plant enzymes are part of the process for digesting foods. There is a connection between the greater the level of enzymes, the stronger the immune system and the healthier the person:

  • Enzymes are proteins secreted by cells of the body.
  • Stomach discomfort symptoms such as belching, gas or bloating indicate that enzymes are not doing their job, breaking down the food particles to be functionally digested.
  • When there aren’t enough enzymes, the gallbladder cannot store bile, the pancreas limits the production of enzymes on demand and the intestines don’t break down the natural enzymes for absorbing nutrients.
  • An enzyme deficiency leads to chronic inflammation and can result in chronic illness.
  • Depending on the food you eat overcooked versus live, fresh vegetables and fruits, the natural enzymes of protease, lipase, amylase are less available for the immune system to do its job. The immune system becomes weaker and cannot protect the body for full function.

Increase Enzyme activity: Eat fresh raw fruits and vegetables with limited cooking (light steaming). Raw foods include the highest value of enzymes than cooked foods (cooking kills the enzymes). Raw meat and unpasteurized dairy are also among foods high in enzymes but not advisable due to high bacteria. High enzyme foods alkalize the body which is a better enviornement for the digestive system Add more green jucies and smoothies to your diet.

Adding supplemental enzymes supports nutrient absorption contributing to better immune function. Plant enzymes digest food before stomach acid is secreted and before the digestive tract begins the process of digestion. It is like throwing a lifebuoy to a drowning person to get to safety.

Focusing on digestive, pancreatic, and metabolic enzymes is one part of to lowering the toxic load and stopping the barrel from overflowing.

Educating yourself about the various types of enzymes will not only help heal the immune system but the whole body too.

Contact me for an excellent chart on the various types of enzymes if you’d like to know more and I will send it to you.

Using mindfulness meditation to manage stress is part of the process for healing. Awareness of breathing and the body sensations experienced can change the reaction from flight or flight into rest and digest leading to calm and relaxation.

There are numerous approaches you can take to heal your allergies. To find out more and get the chart of enzymes contact me at wellness@raniglick.com.

My best in health,

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