April Newsletter: Cleanse. Meditate. Move. Create.

April is Stress Awareness Month!

In this newsletter:

  • Article: Stress Awareness is Balance
  • Join Me for these Activities
  • Retreat Day: Cleanse, Meditate, Create, April 12th
  • Reset Spring Cleanse April 15th to 21st
  • Feed The Brain, Mindful Eating program Begins April 25th
  • Special Offer for all three activities

Article: April is stress awareness month and deserves attention.

We don’t have to look far to find things to be stressed out about. From wars on other shores to conflicts here right at home, price increases and taxes, there is no shortage of issues that can be stressful for us as humans to process.

We are built for stress.  Stress is simply a reaction to any type of change, be it positive or negative, expected or not. Stress is good for us. It motivates us and protects us against danger that we encounter. If we have too little stress in our lives, we may become lethargic, passive, and unmotivated by much. Stress kept our ancestors alive, allowing them to run from threats and find new places to dwell.

Stress’s essence, reminds us we are alive.

Positive job-related or social circumstances of stress can force us out of our comfort zone and lead us to promotions and new opportunities. It can motivate to finish that 5k race or planning a wedding to move our bodies and push our own limits in healthy, positive ways.

It triggers an instinctual response to move known as the flight or fight response.

However, in our society today, stress is constant, and our body and mind get mixed messages that doesn’t transition into the parasympathetic state to calm itself. This biological stress gets stuck in the mental loop of the brain repeating the same pattern as if our body is in fight and flight. For some it goes into a freeze state and shuts down.

Stress can affect more than your brain.  Unchecked stress levels may lead to physical health issues, such as high blood pressure, obesity, fatigue, heart disease, and diabetes. Muscle groups can suffer from stress, as can your neurological system. Stress ages the body quicker as well, causing undue pressure on our bodies to keep moving, keep pushing, and keep us living, even as stress looms.

The Key is Balance!

There are many ways you can manage stress and find the balance between the positive and negative stressors in your life. As you age, it is more important than ever to remain in that balance – to do just enough to keep your body and mind healthy while thriving and living your best life.

Here are some ways to manage your stress daily and when you are in those difficult situations you have the power to control your response to stressful conditions:

  • BREATHE! Tune into your breath! Is it shallow or rapid? Take a few deep breaths, take a full inhale through the nose from the belly up the chest and on the outbreath. A longer and slow breath through the mouth or nose. Do those five times.
  • Bring awareness to your body sensations, what physical sensations are you experiencing such as nausea, tightness, pain, contractions, those are signals of feeling stressed. Breathe!
  • What are your thoughts saying? Do they repeat the same loop that get you stuck? Are they leading to emotions that are confusing? Connect to your breath and the movement of your physical body breathing!

Listen to any of these meditations!

  • Talk a walk, move your body, be in in nature or walk a dog!
  • Call a friend and talk it out!
  • Meditate. Listen to a meditation on an app like Insight or headspace to listen to this meditation (awareness of breath). Take a break!
  • Play + Laugh! Take the time to bring play and laughter into your life and enjoy yourself! There are so many health benefits to play. As adults we don’t play enough, we need to let loose and have fun! When we plan and laugh we tone our vagus nerve that is the communication line between the gut and brain, and releases happy and pleasure hormones of dopamine and serotonin in the body and calms the mind refocusing positive thoughts and energy. April 14th is International Moment of Laughter Day!
  • Move your body! It can be exercise or just walking, meeting a friend and exploring the parks or nature paths in your city. Bike, hike, swim, dance, move your body daily in pleasurable ways that you feel good.
  • Be with people Create situations where you can be with people. Socialization is key to healthy aging. Invite people for a meal and cook together. Have a coffee or play a game together such as bridge, mahjong or chess. Do creative activities make something with your hands like drawing, painting or colouring, join a choir or bookclub.
  • Rest! Take time out and rest, maybe that is what you need more than being active is to rest and relax! Tap a nap! My husband does it and he works full time.
  • Drink water! Many of us don’t hydrate our bodies enough! We are dehydrated and those symptoms are easily reversed when you drink over two litres of water (16 ounces) of water a day that’s 8 glasses a day. Caffeine drinks are dehydrating so if you’re drinking more than one cup a day, drink water afterward, and drink water between meals slowly, sipping is good too. Or, drink warm water with lemon or a piece of fruit if you need that comfort and don’t like cold water. I always have a pitcher of room temperature water out on the counter.
  • Get help if you need it! For the last thirty years, the month of April as Stress Awareness Month, where professionals all over the country come together to offer support, systems, and simple ideas to help you manage your stress – no matter if it comes from work, home, or other sources.

My theme for April is Cleanse, Meditate, Move, Create are fantastic ways to prepare yourself for spring and summer.

Stress cannot come play with you, so plan activities that truly let you let be engaged, active and fun!

Join me for these activities in April 2024:

Tuesdays and Thursdays Come Practice Together weekly meditation and movement sessions

April 12th 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Retreat Day: Cleanse, Meditate and Create with myself and Nicole Levy at my home from 10 am to 3 pm. Take a day off to relax and play!  Register here

Three Spots left!

April 15th to 21st Virtual Event

Reset Spring Cleanse! The purpose of a cleanse is to clear the body of foods and chemicals that you have accumulated overtime. It is a vacation for your internal organs to rest, relax, reset, refresh, It also helps with quieting the digestive system and encouraging detoxification and elimination. Register here

April 25th to June 13th Virtual Event

Feed the Brain: A mindful eating approach to nourish the body, mind. Finally, To top off the month, I invite you to step into the Mindful Eating program FEED THE BRAIN: A Mindful Eating Approach To Nourish the Body, Mind and Heart.

This is a life-changing program which follows in a natural flow from the retreat day and cleanse. If you’ve begun to outline your goals for this spring to the remainder of the year, what better way to delve into your relationship to food and nourish your body, mind and heart at the same time. It is not a nutrition diet, a weight loss program or a meal plan. It’s about connecting to your body and exploring the world you engage in. Register here

SPECIAL OFFER is $275 for all three events! ($100 savings)

I’m really excited about the flow of these programs for this time of year!.



  • Cleanse, Meditate and Create Retreat Day is $125 before April 1st and $145 to April 12th
  • The Reset Seven-Day Spring Cleanse is $35
  • FEED THE BRAIN: A mindful eating approach to nourish the body, mind and heart (eight week program) is $197.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at wellness@raniglick.com. I appreciate hearing from you.

My best in health,