Practising Together In Community

By Rani Glick | August 10, 2022

Like your body’s immune system, building community can equal immunity. A virtual community where people come together and support one another. In community, sharing experiences, being there for others and protected against external forces, can actually slow down the ageing process. Studies show that when people socialize regularly, they live healthier and longer. In a study…

You Are What You Eat!

By Rani Glick | August 5, 2022

Is that really true, Are you what you eat? Most of the time we eat on autopilot not consciously aware from when it started. Were you raised with conditioned messages of what, how and when to eat? Does this sound familar? You can’t leave the table until your finish your plate of food! If you…

New Programs and Events Begin in August and September, 2022

By Rani Glick | July 29, 2022

I’m really excited to share with you upcoming events that I am presenting this summer and fall for you to participate in! In August, I’m introducing a new program called FEED THE BRAIN: A Mindful Eating Approach To Nourishing The Body, Heart and Mind on Tuesdays from August 23 to October 11th. I’m looking for…

Vibrant Health and Happiness TALKS

By Rani Glick | July 26, 2022

You’re invited to a series of free talks I am presenting with yoga instructor Christina Sjoberg on Vibrant Living and Happiness: Experience what you desire more easily! From July 28th to September 12th… If you feel you need: Greater energy Live well nourished Build better habits This one-hour talk will show you how to apply…

Strawberry Raspberry Ginger Smoothie, the perfect summer drink! (recipe included)

By Rani Glick | July 14, 2022

Summer is here and strawberries are in season! I’ve been shopping at different farmer’s markets around town to get more pints of strawberries. They are so ripe and sweet; they taste like candy! Raspberries are also available and they are tasting delicious too. What you get from the farmer’s markets, is far fresher, whole and…

Essential Superfoods For Brain Health

By Rani Glick | June 17, 2022

Do you want to move the needle from just surviving to thriving? Are you constantly feeling excessive stress in your life even when you take a break your brain doesn’t actually feel it? Stepping out of excessive stress is a tough thing to do. How can you shake up your autonomic nervous system and move…

Drink To Your Heart’s Content

By Rani Glick | June 3, 2022

I’m talking about WATER! Drinking clean water is key to feeling your best no matter the season. Keeping your body hydrated especially during the summer is nurturing for your skin, your joints flexible and brain fluid. You may think about drinking fluids more often in the summer because of hotter temperatures, sweating more and being…

Mindful Eating, Satisfied versus Full

By Rani Glick | May 28, 2022

How often have you eaten food in your hand or on a plate and before you’ve blinked it’s gone! I bet you didn’t even notice that you did that! Mindless eating and overeating have become the norm. We can’t help it – it’s right in front of us, in abundance, easily accessible along with confusing…

Planting A Garden To Relieve Stress

By Rani Glick | May 18, 2022

It’s spring!  The trees, grass and flowers are in full bloom! The bursts of colour, new fragrances in the air, the sounds of birds chirping, and the longer days activates the senses and energizes the body becoming active and feeling alive! Naturally, we begin to feel more relaxed and let go of stressors that confine…

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