What Niacin And Vegetables Do For Our Brain

By Rani Glick | October 31, 2022

We know how destructive stress can be to our brain and body. Our brain is vulnerable to burnout and working overtime. Modern imaging has show that the harder we work the brain needs more nourishment to complete the tasks. So, it’s not surprising to learn that permanent damage can occur when there are not enough…

Taking Time To Rest

By Rani Glick | October 17, 2022

I’m on vacation travelling parts of Spain and Portugal with my husband Jan-Willem. It’s a privilege to take this time and travel. For us, there is nothing like seeing the world taking in the sites, smells, and tastes to discovering these two countries.  What has made an  impression on me is the awareness of time. Taking time…


By Rani Glick | October 6, 2022

I love trying new dishes for holiday celebrations when gathering with family and friends. Depending on the time of year, taking advantage of nature’s abundance of vegetables and fruits, there’s always a variety to choose from. I like to create an impressive presentation when preparing a meal for a group. Here’s a perfect thanksgiving dish…

Living On The Edge, Mindfully

By Rani Glick | September 28, 2022

Do you live on the edge balancing a busy schedule and home life? Most of us live on the edge without realizing it! We respond automatically to the demands presented to us, feeling stressed without really thinking do I need to do this now? Applying a mindful practice can ease the stress of juggling the…

One minute of laughter and Lions Mane boosts the immune system

By Rani Glick | September 20, 2022

We are in late summer entering into early fall, a time for self care and inner nourishment. Preparing for seasonal change is a good time to start thinking about nurturing your immune health. In Chinese medicine there are five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  Late summer is associated with the Earth element groundedness,…

Aging: taking wellness into your own hands

By Rani Glick | September 10, 2022

The largest population of baby boomers who are reaching 65 years, peaks in 2025. You may know people or have seen in the media, mature adults in excellent physical shape doing remarkable feats of fitness, producing creative achievements or serving their communities with healthy minds and bodies. The traditional perception of aging is that your…

Do you think there is something wrong if you feel hungry? (Recipe included)

By Rani Glick | September 2, 2022

September Newsletter Do you think there is something wrong if you feel hungry? Is your desire for eating all consuming, going beyond the necessity of nourishment? We live in a privileged society where food is available 24/7, it’s not that we need to eat all the time. I was at a restaurant for dinner last…

Celebrate Your Summer Wins

By Rani Glick | August 24, 2022

What were the moments that brought insight, new energy, and momentum that you can glean into action for the next few months this fall?

Eating begins in the mind!

By Rani Glick | August 15, 2022

Where does mental awareness stimulate your desire to eat?   You’d think it starts in the stomach with those gurgling sensations you feel that the digestive clock is telling you it’s time to eat! In truth, it is more of a mental response that is stimulating nutrients, digestion and creating a calorie burning action triggering…


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