Fostering Wellness In February

By Rani Glick | February 5, 2024

Welcome, February Newsletter In this issue: Article: FOSTERING WELLNESS During my travels in Asia a few months ago, we visited Malaysia and Singapore both countries near the equator. It’s the same weather everyday – hot and sunny, rain and humidity. The temperature is always the same, the sunrise and sunsets are at the same time…

Today is Blue Monday! Is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) A Real Thing?

By Rani Glick | January 14, 2024

Today is Blue Monday, considered to be the most depressing day of the year. If you are living in Canada with longer grey days and less sunlight exposure, it can tamper with your natural circadian rhythms causing more restless sleep, mood fluctuations, and reduced energy. Blue Monday was first introduced as a marketing gimmick by…

January Newsletter: Health at Every Age and Size

By Rani Glick | January 3, 2024

Happy New Year! May your 2024 be filled with joy, excellent health and adventure! In this newsletter January is the month for starting over with a positive mindset, personal growth, and getting organized. Does it start with great fanfare about your health being a priority for a few weeks, go off for a while and…

Ginger Treats Cooking Class and Discover Adaptogens!

By Rani Glick | December 20, 2023

First, its holiday time! Join me on Thursday (tomorrow) December 21st at noon for a GINGER TREATS COOKING CLASS. You can sign up on ZOOM and Facebook Live. I’ll be making three types of ginger treats to enjoy over the holidays. I love ginger… I love it in cakes, cookies and chocolate! Looking forward to…

December Newsletter: Quality Cholesterol, Films, Books and Recipes to Enjoy for the Holidays

By Rani Glick | December 10, 2023

Can you believe we’re coming to the end of 2023! Have you reached all your goals for the year or already filling out your list for 2024? I find myself reflecting on what I did this past year. My memory meshes many things together but I can distinguish some significant highlights that moved me along.…

Finding Health in the Neutral Zone: A guide for wellness over 60

By Rani Glick | November 21, 2023

Where do you feel health in your body? There’s physical health of feeling strong and able and then there’s the inner health. That place where you feel stillness within yourself.  This place is the “neutral zone” the place of health where healing takes place. This has an enormous impact for supporting the aging body for…

The Pleasure of Movement, Travel Reflections, Book, and a Great Dessert!

By Rani Glick | November 1, 2023

Hey, November I’m glad you’re here! November is the month where you have a good momentum happening as 2023 comes to an end and foreseeing growth for a new year! In this newsletter, World events and natural disasters have been devastating for many of us emotionally and politically.  We can only hope a resolution comes…

Monday – Fall Cleanse and Eating Mindfully Together!

By Rani Glick | October 25, 2023

The leaves are falling, and the temperature is fluctuating preparing us for the colder months ahead. It is a perfect time to prepare your somatic system to regulate itself. There’s no better way to do it than a fall cleanse and tapping into your senses with mindful eating. Join me for a Seven Day Fall…

Cleanse, Meditate and Move

By Rani Glick | October 17, 2023

A belated Happy Thanksgiving! Happy to be back! Jan-Willem and I spent the month of September and part of October travelling and discovering how lived experiences revitalizes my spirit! Our trip highlights were anchored in three countries: a remote island resort in Malaysia, the Formula One Race in Singapore and the Art Islands in Japan.…



Is your relationship with food linked to coping with stressful situations or traumatic events.

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