The cleanse that changed my eating habits

By Rani Glick | June 19, 2015

I survived eating clean whole foods for three weeks achieving a good body cleanse. I experienced some tough moments where my allergies and joint pain were intense and then high energy times where I felt fantastic! No supplements, no drugs just whole foods, some essential oils, exercise and my sleep improved.   My goal was to…

Allergies are the symptom not the trigger

By Rani Glick | June 12, 2015

My detox/cleanse plan has been going well for the past 12 days. I started with a juice fast of fruits and vegetables for 4 days, then ate cooked and raw vegetables and fruit. On day 9, I introduced beans while continuing to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and ton day 13, I start eating grains.…

One Way to Reduce my Allergy and Arthritis symptoms

By Rani Glick | June 3, 2015

I made a personal intention for myself last week to begin a detox program and I finally started! We’re in late spring (the weather keeps changing) so it’s a good time to start. I am doing it to get some relief from my allergies and arthritis symptoms. The arthritis is one way in which my…

Go Easy- Less Stress to Planning Your Weekly Meals

By Rani Glick | May 27, 2015

The Food Marketing Institute has recently reported that 71% of us are cooking at home more often these days. That means more people are sitting in rush hour traffic rummaging through their cupboards and fridges in their minds, trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Naturally, home cooking has fewer calories and more nutritional value…

Ever have that Gut Feeling?

By Rani Glick | May 18, 2015

Have you ever wondered where that expression “I have this gut feeling” comes from? We typically associate it with a mental/emotional intuitive response to an encounter or experience.  However, it is literally true, the brain is responding to an experience from the gut. Last week I talked about friendly gut bacteria. Today, I am fascinated…

3 Ways We Experience Food and Happy Mom’s Day!

By Rani Glick | May 5, 2015

A Special Gift for Mom 3 Ways To Experience Food: The Power of Phytonutrients Colour Taste Smell Before I get into phytonutrients, I few things to note: It was a rough week keeping myself on track with spring   in the air as I began peeling off the layers of clothing capturing the warmer weather.  Flowers…

What is all the talk about “Friendly” gut flora?

By Rani Glick | April 22, 2015

We regularly hear the phrase “friendly”gut flora versus healthy, what does that really mean? The human body contains trillions of microbes (bacteria), collectively called the microbiome. In just one person’s body, they are estimated to weigh two to six pounds – double the weight of the average human brain. Most microbes reside in the gut…

Its finally here

By Rani Glick | January 12, 2015

It’s finally here, The Wellness Wagon in all its glory! The Wellness Wagon is a creative vehicle for nourishment, learning and recovering one’s health.  It offers a: Delivery service of delicious vegetarian food with a nutritional twist. Access to nutritional services that can help you with weight loss (or gain), sleeplessness, allergies, joint pain menopause…

Upcoming Holiday Foods for Events

By Rani Glick | November 17, 2014

   I’m also  preparing for  some holiday sales so I  got inspired to make pickled coloured peppers, cranberry chutney spice, a lusty cauliflower zest and a  creamy onion confiture. These are great for holiday gifts or for entertaining on party platters or vegetarian antipastos. More goodies are on the way such as Vegan Shortbread Delights…



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