So, how much of your thoughts are about food?

By Rani Glick | June 21, 2023

When eating and stress become synonymous, food becomes less about refueling and more about relieving anxiety. Fear, worry, boredom or depression are thoughts that can become a full-time preoccupation! How much of your thoughts are about food? I often hear my clients say “I think about food all day long, it’s the only thing that…

Developing a Strong Sense of Self-Worth

By Rani Glick | May 26, 2023

I recently read Viola Davis’s memoir Finding Me, an extraordinary account of her life growing up in extreme poverty and her ascent to fame becoming an accomplished actress. You may have seen some of her films or TV series, Fences, Doubt, The Help, The Women King, and How To Get Away With Murder. What appealed…

Living With Vertigo

By Rani Glick | May 12, 2023

Do you suffer from VERTIGO? Feeling sensations of spinning, when you lie down or roll over in bed or your depth of field is off. Vertigo makes you feel off balance, like the whole world is spinning. It can last for seconds, minutes hours or days. You feel dizzy, nauseous,, experience a loss of balance…

Spring Cleanse, Pole Walking, Somatics, Stress Relief

By Rani Glick | April 12, 2023

What are you plans for this spring? Register now for some inspiring renewal and movement to get yourself in shape for summer.. APRIL The Reset Spring Cleanse April 17TH to April  23RD Spring is the season of renewal. press the reset button and invite in renewed wellness, leaving the heaviness of winter behind. Treat yourself…

Reset With A Spring Cleanse!

By Rani Glick | April 6, 2023

i It’s April and officially spring! I love watching the crocuses and snow drop flowers pop up in gardens each year. Spring is the season of renewal. You can throw off the heavy layers of clothing, and discard what you no longer need, It’s a perfect season to be creative, begin with fresh ideas, and…

A New Brain Fitness App For Women!

By Rani Glick | March 29, 2023

I’m not one for personal apps to monitor my daily life. I tried using a Fitbit and it faded after a month. I’ve used a few food apps which were also short-lived, and I’ve even tried playing video games for no reason at all. When I think of brain training games, my mind goes immediately…

2 Nutritious White Comforting Foods and Recipes

By Rani Glick | March 16, 2023

Have you been told not to eat white foods? Yes, processed white foods absolutely. There are a whole variety of delicious white whole foods to eat. I’ve been seeking out the perfect croissant at the bakeries and cafes in my neighbourhood. That is white processed foods with no nutritional value and while they are delicious…

The Six Pillars of Stress Relief

By Rani Glick | March 9, 2023

We all live with stress, Stress is our psychological, physiological, and behavioural response to change, trauma or injury. How we perceive a stress promoting event and react to it, determines its impact on our health. It can be a positive motivating experience or an overwhelming feeling that can manifest into an illness. I often hear…

The Power Of Somatic Movement

By Rani Glick | March 2, 2023

The Power of Somatic Movement How do you move when walking? Do you feel stiffness in your pelvis or neck? Is one side more flexible than the other? Thinking about how your body moves walking, sitting, lying down or standing, daily stressors or traumas effect specific muscular reflexes which the body holds in memory, locks…



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