Combine The Science of Nutrition With The Art of Personal Care

Nutrition is both an art and a science…

The science of nutrition is accessible, diverse and its available through books, internet or videos. Everyday there are new studies and discoveries challenging our beliefs.

The ART of nutrition, is the unique combination of foods, herbs loaded with vitamins and minerals that creates a healing remedy for treating illness and nourishing your body daily.

That’s what I do… I show you how to combine the science of nutrition with the art of personal care.

Applying quality, whole, real foods that are natural, easy and sustainable versus taking over the counter or prescription medications to lose weight, heal a health issue or give you energy.

Your body recognizes, digests and eliminates natural whole foods easier before processed chemically generated foods and drugs which causes illness and disease.

There is nothing more immediate and fulfilling then being able to nourish yourself with natural foods, vitamins and minerals.

One way to move forward without compromising the foods you love is using the FOOD SWAP CHART.

The chart provides options for exploring and experimenting with new foods that you may never have tried before. for example, swapping cow based dairy with nut-based milks and cheeses. Or, using natural sugars veriuss refined white sugar. Experiment with differnt foods and see which ones you like.


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