Developing a Strong Sense of Self-Worth

I recently read Viola Davis’s memoir Finding Me, an extraordinary account of her life growing up in extreme poverty and her ascent to fame becoming an accomplished actress. You may have seen some of her films or TV series, Fences, Doubt, The Help, The Women King, and How To Get Away With Murder.

What appealed to me was her deep dive into exploring her personal self. Her quest to find meaning, acceptance, forgiveness and self-worth. Her story is a journey of overcoming her fears and deserving a good life. (I highly recommend reading it).

I explored several definitions of self-worth and found that most focused on external measurements of achievement, ability, performance, appearance and net worth.

According to positive psychology definitions: Self-esteem and self-worth are related, but they have important differences. Self-esteem describes how you think and feel about yourself, which changes based on mood, circumstance, performance, or the approval of others. Self esteem fluctuates based on external influences.  

Self-worth is a more stable form of self-esteem and far reaching from knowing and believing in your worth as a person. It is a deserving sense of consideration, respect, and the importance you place on yourself coupled with being worthy of love. It is also an emotional outlook that determines how and what you feel about yourself in comparison to other people.

We are brought up to believe that accomplishments, financial success, who you know, a thin body and a successful love life are the measurements of self worth.

Recognizing your internal self worth is more sustainable to your “being” rather than “doing,”. It is as valuable to who you are and less what you do.

Connecting to your self-worth, your inner voice as a human being, your core values and beliefs are fundamental to supporting your health, body awareness and emotional and intellectual mind.

Mindfulness qualities and practices connect with the “being” versus the “doing”. Acceptance, non-judgement, curiosity, self compassion and self-worth are part of your internal well-“being” which is reflected to the external world defining your fulfillment and positive relationships.

Mindful eating focuses on the “being” of taking care of yourself. When you focus on the “being” of nourishing versus the “doing (disconnecting from how you feed and nurture yourself), you strengthen your self-worth.

Mindful eating is an embodied practice of observing your actions, thoughts, feelings, and motivations to cultivate health, self-awareness and contentment. It promotes long-term health and enjoyment.

Preparing a wonderful meal, sitting down to eat it, experiencing the flavours, texture, aromas, chewing and recognizing when you’re feeling satisfied, not full, is the practice of “being“ more of honouring your self-worth.

Ask yourself, how can I strengthen my self-worth?

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