Join me for these events and programs offered to you at a discount. Throughout the year, you can sign up for several programs or participate in ongoing sessions to further your wellness practice.

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Reset with a Spring Cleanse


Let’s do a Spring Cleanse together for seven days beginning April 17th.

Spring is the season of renewal. You can throw off the heavy layers of clothing, and discard what you no longer need, It’s a perfect season to be creative, begin with fresh ideas, and make new plans. April is a great time to practice a spring cleanse with foods for nourishing the body.

The fee $35

Find out more about the Seven Day spring cleanse, You can sign up right away or contact me to ask questions at

APRIL AND MAY - Pole Walking sessions with Deidre Pretlove, from Personal Best Physiotherapy.

Have you tried pole walking to increase your workout capacity while walking? Pole walking is not an old person’s activity, it’s a great way to strengthen your arms, core, legs and muscles using your whole body to move. It is also a fantastic way to discover new areas of the city walking around and enhancing your workout!

Join Deidre Pretlove and I on these dates. Friday April 21, April 27 or May 5 at 9:30 am or Saturdays April 22 or 28 at 1 pm to get started.

Deidre will start off with a demonstration, some warm up exercises, how to efficiently use the poles while walking and lead us through a few walking routes in the Cabbagetown/Riverdale area for 90 minutes.

Bring your own walking poles. You can get poles through Urban Poling or at Shoppers Drug Mart Wellwise stores. We will meet afterwards at my home for coffee/tea and light snacks. If you are purchasing poles Deidre recommends the Activator or their regular poles by Urban Poles.

Learn more about Diedre Pretlove and Personal Best Physiotherapy.

Contact to confirm dates, time, location and to reserve your spot.


The Somatics Movement Series continues in May.

Currently, there are  two classes running on Thursdays for the Myth of Aging series. The next somatic movement series are different and will continue in May. Somatic movement is a system of neuromuscular movement awareness practice and education. This work teaches us to recognize and release holding patterns and chronic pain resulting from injury, stress, repetitive strain, and habituated postures. for now, these sessions are free as I am training in this technique..

Contact if you are available.

HEAL TO HEALTH: A Mindful practice to cope with stress

Transform your stress into strength! Start your own mindfulness practice and embody calm so that you can move with ease in your life. Find out more about the HEAL TO HEALTH eight-week program.

The next program session begins May 9th (TBD).

Register here

Practice Together

Meditation and Movement Virtual Sessions

DROP-IN and check it out for free.

Tuesdays from  6:00 pm

Continue your meditation practice from the Heal To Health (MBSR) group or have a personal practice of your own! Share your insights, move more, discover new resources, and be a part of this growing community!

FEED THE BRAIN: A Mindful Eating Approach To Nourish The Body, Heart and Mind.


Our interactive program offers proactive solutions to manage your relationship with food and your body.

Join the waitlist for the next program date!

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