Are you frustrated with counting calories, eating restrictive foods and being defined by a diet culture?

Are you uncertain how to maintain your weight?

Are you searching for peace of mind around your relationship with food?


“This mindful eating program has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. It covered so many other areas that I can apply in my life.”       Jen P

                        FEED THE BRAIN                      Is a mindful eating approach to nourish the body, heart and mind!

FEED THE BRAIN is about how you approach food, your daily relationship to food, listening to your body’s internal cues and how the mind perceives food!


It is a path to reconnecting to your body with awareness

This eight-week program is being offered at  $267

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Letting go of diet culture

It's less about diet, nutrition and weight loss and more about body awareness, and self-acceptance.

There’s growing scientific evidence that restrictive dieting makes you want to eat more, slows your metabolism and makes it even harder to lose weight.

In Feed The Brain you will discover your body's own internal cues for recognizing hunger and full. Isn't it time for you to tap into what your body is telling you?

Awareness, Kindness and Non-Judgement

Mindful eating is a solution to so many physical and mental health problems. The equivalent to breathing, eliminating, or sleeping.

Mindful eating taps into your body's signals for satisfying and nourishing your brain and whole being.



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Changing the inner critic to inner curiosity.

The benefits are life long, can you imagine?

  • Feeling in control of your eating choices
  • Moving your body with intention and ease
  • Having a positive relationship with your body
  • Developing a kinder relationship with your inner critic
  • Feeling confident!


Eight weekly sessions cover:

Session 1: Orientation + What is Mindful Eating?

  • How this program works?
  • The role of diet culture and the food industry on women's body image
  • Health and Wellness is a non-diet lifestyle
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Exercise: Observing a food object

Session 2: Connecting To Your Hunger

  • The Nine Hungers
    What is your body telling you about which part is hungry in there?
  • Exercise: Exploring your habits and food cravings!

Session 3: Eating The Right Amount

  • The physiology of the digestive system and transit time
  • Recognizing stomach hunger and mind hunger
  • Exercise: Tasting Sugar, Fats and Salt

Session 4: Who is the Boss of Me: Body, Mind or Thoughts?

  • What Are your Beliefs and habits?
  • Getting in touch with your inner critic
  • Stress reactivity and communication
  • Exercise: Letting go of your inner critic!

Session 5: Tapping Into Satisfaction

  • Awareness of the Senses: Smell, Touch, Hearing, Taste
  • Becoming an informed foodie expert
  • Exercise: Food sampling, quality versus conventional

 Session 6: Movement + Lifestyle

  • Weight loss, stress and exercise
  • Movement in daily health
  • Sleep regulation and patterns
  • Exercise: Energy in, Energy out

Session 7: How Do I Best Take Care of Myself?

  • Body Awareness and loving kindness
  • Mindful attention can change your relationship to stress and increase choices
  • Integrating mindful eating into your life and how you relate to the world with greater resilience
  • Exercise: Tapping into your heart hunger


Session 8: Seeking Gratitude + Your Environmental Scan

Healthy living in your environment includes who's there to support you, how your live,  and tools for reflection:

  • Practicing gratitude with Loving Kindness
  • Planning your future practice
  • Supporting the practice: Challenges, enhancers, resources
  • Exercise: Looking deeply into your food


  • People looking for a fast weight loss program.

When on a fast-reducing diet, the brain thinks its in starvation mode. The minute you're off the diet, the body wants to get back into balance and craves food, the weight goes back on. FEED THE BRAIN, is a process that looks at the inside of you not the outside of quick fixes.

  • Eating a restrictive diet

A restrictive diet, sets up you up for disaster because its based on willpower. The brain hasn't done the work to create new neural pathways of changing your habits.  Mindful eating begins to sort out those new pathways so your willpower is not always challenged.

  • Aspiring for a slim/ideal body

Diet culture has brainwashed into thinking we have to have a thin perfect body. We come in all sizes and shapes and some bodies will never be perfect and slim. in this program, we explore our values and beliefs about body awareness.

  • Looking for a meal plan

As a nutritionist, I've been trained to create meal plans for clients. There are differences to being told what to eat then just eating what you want. Being organized for your meal is wonderful and should be based on your own meal plan.

  • Not interested in the mind/body connection

Developing awareness about how the mind and body communicate is pivotal to understanding your needs. In eastern religion practices, the body and body function as one working together to create balance. The body has the ability to heal itself and is always seeking balance.

How this program works: 

Feed The Brain program runs for eight consecutive weeks for two hour segments.

Mindful movement, meditations and fun interactive exercises are covered weekly.

Home practice is encouraged such as meditations, reflective journaling and readings.

Weekly sessions encourage participants to share their experiences in a group and dyads.

At present, the sessions are virtual using the Zoom platform with the use of a web camera on your computer.

The program is a collaborative process offering participants the opportunity to express themselves in each session.

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What people say about it.....

Mindful Eating has changed the way I eat food. I used to gobble it down without thinking. Now I sit down, look at my food, feel grateful for what's on my plate and slowly chew enjoying the sensual quality of each bite.

                                           - Mary L.


Rani Glick acknowledges each participant’s experience without judgement and with kindness. Under Rani’s guidance, I found myself developing and expanding my horizons without effort or discomfort of any kind.

                                       - Jane D

Discover a long term solution without dieting, medication or fighting willpower!

Sliding scale fee range:

 $167 to 267

It's time to feel the freedom and taking charge of your health now!

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Rani Glick is certified holistic nutritionist, mindfulness-based stress reduction trainer and clinical somatic educator. She helps clients develop coping strategies using mindfulness practices to build resilience, reduce stress and improve their health.