Finding Health in the Neutral Zone: A guide for wellness over 60

Where do you feel health in your body?

There’s physical health of feeling strong and able and then there’s the inner health. That place where you feel stillness within yourself. 

This place is the “neutral zone” the place of health where healing takes place.

This has an enormous impact for supporting the aging body for people over 60. 

The aging body will begin to experience chronic conditions that amplify negative health such as diabetes, higher cholesterol, osteoporosis, changes in blood pressure and joint pain. Slight cognitive changes may emerge effecting your mental behaviour and emotional well-being. 

 Connecting to your “neutral zone” brings you into a state of self-regulation. You may call it balance, or a zen-like state where you feel in control, not in the past or future, but present.

Victor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, wrote “ “Between the stimulus and response, there is a space. And in that space lies our freedom and power to choose our responses. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” (Frankl, 1946).

The neutral zone is that space.

For an example, a stress response, an anxiety attack or relive a trauma can trigger the nervous system to react into a fight or flight response. It will appear in the body as either a flutter in the stomach, a hot flash in the face, or a rapid heartbeat in the chest. The mind will kick in and introduce the concept of pain, fear, or panic to create a story. 

You can move into your neutral zone of health with a holistic practice of mind-body practices and nutritious food.

Mindfulness and meditation

  • Simple mindfulness practices focus on breath awareness and staying present.
  • Slow and deep diaphragmatic breathing calms the heart and relaxes the muscles to self-regulate.
  • Guided imagery trains the mind to seek balance and rest.
  • A regular meditation promotes emotional equilibrium that fosters a sense of calmness and balance. 

You can listen to a few meditation here 

A study in ScienceDirect, The impact of meditation on healthy aging, the current state of knowledge and a roadmap to future directions, provides insight into how meditation training may delay dementia, promote healthy aging and improve cognitive function levels based on the longevity of a meditation practice.  It also has an effect on changing your glucose metabolism and brain structure.

Gentle Qigong and Somatic movement:

  • Moving your body daily contributes to the interconnectedness of the body and mind
  • When moving with ease, going slowly with awareness, and  understanding the pleasure in the release are all elements of somatic movement
  • Qigong combines the body and breath to calm and build confidence
  • Other activities such as yoga, tai chi, walking, swimming, or dancing promote relaxation that supports the neutral zone in your daily activites.

Nutritious Foods

Include the benefits of nutritious foods that contribute to the neutral zone. Perhaps you have experienced it when eating mindfully: the body goes into a zen-like state from the foods you eat and the mind become calms and fluid. Let’s not forget how the gut and brain are connected through the gut-brain axis from brain stem down to the stomach transmitting communication between the two.   A healthy gut can positively impact mental well-being, and vice versa. 

Each person will have their own personalized experience. The neutral zone can vary from person to person. Some might feel it more in the mind, while others experience it more in the body. Explore which works best for you. 

By approaching the concept of the neutral zone from these angles, understanding how your health is found in the interconnectedness of the body and mind, the neutral zone is that harmonious link to experiencing, where is your health?

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