Get Into Shape For Summertime With These 5 Tips

Spring is finally here!

Trees are greening everywhere, tulips and daffodils are in full bloom. I’ve just gotten out my bike, the outdoor pool I swim in the summer opens this weekend and I’ve been cleaning up my garden for planting! I’m ready to go!

As I shed my are layers of winter clothing, I’m a little shocked about the reveal it’s not looking as good as I hoped (I work out daily) so if you’re feeling the same…..

It’s now time to get your body in shape for enjoying  summer activities.

In Embrace Your Third Act we talk about how exercise builds your body strength and improves your mood. Find out about Embrace Your Third Act startng May 21st!

Don’t you feel great when you’ve done a physical activity? You feel energized, stronger and fullfilled that you’ve accomplished that goal for the day!

REGULAR DAILY MOVEMENT diminishes fatigue, improves endurance, immune health, mood and sleep. Your body is designed to move. Whether you’re an athlete or a mover, being physically active stimulates muscle contraction, blood flow, organ function and oxygen circulation. Exercise activates your metabolism responsible for energy output, gets your stomach acid going to absorb nutrients, stimulating appetite and regulating gut flora in the digestion system so you can function optimally.

 EXERCISE also improves:

  • Mood and Self Confidence-  reducing stress, a key trigger in inflammation
  • Cardiovascular Health – improving vascular function, which is crucial for neuronal and synaptic health in the brain
  • Bone Health- increasing bone density reducing risk of osteoporosis 
  • Sleep – removing waste in the brain when sleeping neccesary for better cognitive function.
  • Digestion and Constipation – increasing stomach acid for better digestion stimulating elimination
  • Fatigue – improving blood circulation, muscles contraction and stimulating serotonin hormone for staying awake.
  • Gait and balance –  building muscle mass and strength.
  • Brain function – increasing the size of the hippocampus, a key region for memory


1. Symmetry is key. Do each exercise on both sides of your body for every movement.

2. Breathing – Breathe in on the tough move (example: extending legs out and holding for 5
seconds), breathe out on the easy part (bringing legs in). Repeat throughout workout

3. Engage you’re Core – it is important to activate your core muscles when working out so not to
strain your back or neck. How to do that? Gently draw in your lower abdominal wall towards your spine – this
is slow and controlled activation. Try to slightly draw in the area of your abdomen that sits beneath your belly button. Remember this is a very subtle and gentle contraction; it should not be too strong or forceful. This movement builds your core strength too.

4. Watch your knees. – Put your weight on your feet and heels relieving stress on your knees. Use your quad muscles to hold the pose.

5. Break a sweat – Movement only becomes exercise when it is done at an intensity that is high enough to be physically challenging. If you can carry a conversation with someone while exercising, you are not working hard enough. Research shows that it’s not the exercise, but the level of the intensity of the exercise, that may be the most beneficial.

If you don’t use it, you lose it!

Mix up your daily workout with:

▶ Bicycling
▶ Tai Chi
▶ Walking
▶ Dancing

Exercise is medicine, so don’t miss a dose.

In Embrace Your Third Act we talk about these concepts often. What the mind believes the body follows and the interconnecting parts of good nutrition, exercise and relaxation make it happen.

The Embrace Your Third Act program is presented with a small group. We meet online once a week for six weeks and you get tools to use in your daily life forever. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to invest in yourself and reap the benefits for living a prodcutive life.  The next program starts May 21th to June 25, 2019 SIGN UP HERE



Contact me if you have any questions about Embrace You Third Act or a peronal nutriton consultation.

In Optimal Health,

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