Get The Secret to Vegetarian Proteins in this Cooking Class

Join Me During The Month of September for Cooking Classes 

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  • The Secret To Vegetarian Proteins
  • What To Make For Breakfast, That Is The Question!!!
  • Is it Possible To Get Rid Of Joint Pain? 

September can be a busy month with Jewish holidays coming up, kids going back to school or travelling somewhere exotic!

It’s also a great time of the year to eat fresh vegetables and fruits from local farms. What better time to expand your repertoire of food dishes and meal ideas?

Each class is a mini course on a different nutrition theme and a delicious menu to match. Together you make the meal and then enjoy eating it with recipes to take home.

In this cooking class, The Secret to Vegetarian Proteins is all about balancing your plant-based foods when eating vegan and vegetarian meals.

Many people are concerned about getting the proper amount of proteins when eating vegetarian food and then shy away from eating it as a meal?

Often, they’ll focus on eating more carbohydrates to feel full, but then become deficient in protein, vitamins and minerals which can result in illness or weight gain.  This is the same for vegans.

It’s learning how to maximize the benefits of foods to get their full potential.

All vegetables and plants contain protein. Discovering how to integrate them with other plant-based foods that provides higher protein value is the secret!

In this cooking session you will learn about the science of vegetarian proteins and what ingredients to use to balance complete protein foods so you feel nourished and satiated with delicious whole food meals.

For cooking we will be using a variety of nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables, seaweeds and fruits.

Maximum 8 people per class or a minimum of 5 people
  • $200 for 4 classes
  • 1 class is $60 per person
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Invite friends and family too!
You can also schedule your own cooking party at your home for a minimum of 5 people. Ask me more about this!
All ingredients. equipment and supplies are provided, You can bring your favourite cooking knife, an apron, a cutting board and of course, yourself!
Location: Parliament St and Carlton St.  afternoons and evenings
Any questions, please contact me at

See Sample Menu

You’ll have lots of fun cooking, eating and meeting new people!
If you wish to have  a private consultations, I am offering a discounted package (Alive and Thrive) of six sessions for $375 , find out more here.
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