Ginger Treats Cooking Class and Discover Adaptogens!

First, its holiday time!

Join me on Thursday (tomorrow) December 21st at noon for a GINGER TREATS COOKING CLASS.

You can sign up on ZOOM and Facebook Live. I’ll be making three types of ginger treats to enjoy over the holidays. I love ginger… I love it in cakes, cookies and chocolate! Looking forward to seeing you there. You’ll get the recipes!

It’s a busy time of year with the holidays bringing us closer together with other people from different places and for some, it can trigger emotional stress.

With this combination, you might feel a cough coming on or a sore throat. You’ll want to protect your immune system from overexposure to these different environments.

Add ADAPTOGENS into your diet and lifestyle.

Adaptogens are herbs that boost the immune system and reduce stress. They also support relaxing sleep, increased energy, focus and athletic performance.

You may have heard of Echinacea, Astragulas, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Siberian Ginseng, Reishi mushroom and other cordyceps, or Schisandra.

These adaptogens help “normalize” many of the body’s processes and keep the body in homeostasis or balance.

Adaptogens reach the cells to access the ATP centres in the mitochondria that give you energy. They also interact with the HPA axis(hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) which controls the release of many hormones, one being cortisol the ”stress hormone”  that contributes to monitoring fight or flight response (when stress is too triggered on a regular basis, one can experience a state of chronic stress or anxiety), or symptoms associated with aging. Adaptogens can revitalize cortisol to regulate your system.

These adaptogens are also high in B vitamins known for calming the body and mind. If you are finding that a cough or cold persists, it’s usually meaning the immune system is struggling to heal itself.

I recommend adding adaptogens into your diet and daily lifestyle:

  • Use a tincture (herbal liquid concentrate soaked in alcohol) such as Deep Immune by St. Francis or Immune Heath Tincture by Orange (Can Prev). You can get it in health food stores.
  • Taking the Deep Immune tincture works better than pills because its more absorbent and works faster.
    • Take 2 ml in a ¼ cup of water, three times a day on an empty stomach.
    • Wait 20 minutes before eating
    • You’ll feel more energized in five to seven days.
    • Keep taking it for three months to be effective, then stop. You don’t take adaptogens all the time. You can take it up again a few months ater when you need it.
  • Some adaptogens are stimulating and better suited for earlier in the day with breakfast or a workout. They are ginseng, cordyceps and rhodiola, which can give you energy for your day. Take in smoothies, coffee or beverages or eat it as part of your vegetable intake.
  • Adaptogens like ashwagandha and holy basil may be better applied for nighttime, to help with sleep. Try them in tincture form, Ashwagandha is available dried or in powder and can be added to food, teas or smoothies.
  • Try using turmeric as a herbal tea or latte. You can also add turmeric in eggs soups, stews and sauces and to bread chicken or sprinkle onto ground meat.
  • Licorice root can also be taken in powder form, mixed into a liquid of your choice or used to make a digestive aid tea. I use licorice often for soothing the tummy.
  • Two adaptogens that are great for cooking with are astragalus and schisandra. These can be used in sauces, soups and stir-fries to provide a complex, earthy taste.

TRY IT! You got nothing to lose. You know I’m a nutritionist, right, I wouldn’t steer you wrong!


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My best wishes for you and your family this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!