HEAL TO HEALTH: A MINDFUL PRACTICE TO COPING WITH STRESS                                      

Are you feeling overwhelmed with constant change happening around you?

Are you feeling anxious about the future?

Are you experiencing significant stressors that are preventing you from making decisions or taking action?

If this sounds like you, establishing a mindfulness practice can alleviate those feelings:

  • It connects you to body sensations which alerts internal signals so you can respond with open awareness,
  • It brings consciousness to how your mind and brain function so you can take control of thoughts and emotions,
  • It embodies calm so that you can move forward with ease in your life.

If you have ever wanted to start a mindfulness practice Heal to Health: A Mindful Approach to Coping With Stress is an excellent foundation for experiencing a variety of practices in one location.

It is based on the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program established by Jon Kabat Zinn in 1979. Developed to support people living with chronic stress, pain and illness, Kabat-Zinn’s early research was startling in its results. Not only did measures of stress and anxiety fall dramatically, but patients with heart disease, psoriasis, and chronic pain, all showed significant symptom reduction after participating in the 8-week program. Subsequently, hundreds of scientific studies have confirmed, mindfulness, mediation and kindness transformed people’s lives.

Over eight weeks, you will learn seven different practices that can be applied daily to every aspect of your life.

Jon Kabat-Zinn explains how mindfulness brings “awareness that arises when paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally” to relieve stress and anxiety.

In mediation practices, the program explores experiences of stress, stress reactivity as they are expressed in thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and impulses to act (behaviours) to reducing interpersonal and emotional stress.

I personaly experience new "aha" moments about myself ongoing and marvel at the science between the brain, mind and body. It has provided relief from stressful thoughts, anxiety, sensitivity and overblown expectations I experience.

The program runs for eight consecutive weeks for two hour segments. At present, they are virtual sessions using the Zoom platform with the use of a web camera on your computer. It is an interactive process allowing for all participants to express their experience in each session.

Right now the fee is $125 

Start date Thursday, November 3rd through December 22, 2022 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Weekly sessions include:

Session 1

Orientation + Doing to Being

  • Paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally is the foundation of mindfulness.
  • Cultivating curiosity, kindness, and beginner’s mind will bring new awareness
  • Exploring, and shifting of attention transforms change.

Session 2

Perception & Knowing Are Different

  • Delving into the practice and working with body awareness 
  • Exploring another way of knowing and perceiving  shifts perspective of looking outside the box
  • Addressing challenges to your daily  practice 

 Session 3

Being Present

  • Using the breath as an anchor to the present moment
  • Incorporating mindfulness into everyday life,
  • Exploring pleasant experiences
  • Awareness of body sensations and its relationship to reducing stress 
  • Integrating Mindful Movement

Session 4

Stress Reactivity

  • Identifying stressors and habitual reactions
  • Exploring stress: Acute/chronic/internal/external stressors
  • Using Circle of Awareness exercise

Session 5

Stress, Mindful Awareness & Responding

  • Making responsive choices for greater self care
  • Mindful attention to stress reactivity provides a platform to notice and relate to stressors differently without reacting 

Session 6

Stressful Communications

  • Exploring difficult communication styles that are a common source of stress.
  • Identifying communication styles that increase intrapersonal and interpersonal stress
  • Noticing personal styles that bring awareness and choice about how to communicate.

Session 7

Silent Retreat

Session 8

How do I Best Take Care of Myself?

  • Some stressors can be changed, others cannot applying kindness to self
  • Mindful attention can change our relationship to stress and increase choice
  • Integrating mindfulness into our lives and how we relate to the world can increase resilience

Silent Retreat Day

Experience a 6-hour long daytime retreat using the series of meditation practices covered in the sessions. Guided and conducted in silence.

This event can be virtual or in person

Endings Are Beginnings

  • Planning your future practice
  • whatn you need for supporting your practice: challenges, enhancers, resources
  • Closing ceremony


Rani is a wonderful teacher and facilitator. She is encouraging without being judgemental.  The practice during the session is very helpful, the de-briefs are calming, and the homework is habit building

I came away with knowledge of what mindfulness was and wasn’t and habits and mindful practices that are good fits for me.

- Margie S


Rani is a dedicated and well informed practitioner of all aspects of wellness. Her knowledge is empirical based. IN addition, she really cares

- Wendy L

I came to the MBSR program with no expectations but a lot of curiosity on how I might experience the program. However, I was hopeful that this might be the program that would help me manage my stress and chronic pain. I am happy to report that, while the work continues, my progress to date has been positive. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to those who are looking for an opportunity tio introduce positive change where it might be needed.

- Jane D

$125 for Fall 2022

Limit to 10 people

Begins November 3rd



Multiple Practices

Learn nine different meditation practices and their origins from Buddhist teachings. Discover the depth of mindfulness concepts that provide a strong foundation for a personal practice. 



Stress Reduction Tools

Gain new tools for reducing stress and how to apply them in different environments.


Mindful Communication

Evolve your ability to better communicate using positive and calming methods for acheiving effective results.

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Rani Glick is the Mindful Nutritionist and brain health expert for women over 60 to gain control of their health so they can heal faster, move better and feel happier. Connect with Rani at wellness@raniglick.com.