Is “40 the new 30” are we getting younger each decade?

I’m Back!!!

total health show with shirin

My friend Shirin and I at The Total Health Show

Some of you are new to my blog and website and welcome!  For those who have been with me since the beginning, glad to reconnect and hope you are well

I took a hiatus from blogging to reconfigure my focus after spending time with food (selling my fermented foods and MEAL STIX at consumer shows, markets and events available in my online store), teaching and introducing my first online program called 30 Meals Made Easy. I love working with food not only because I enjoy it and need it, but mostly it is linked to my fundamental health for living each day.

I have also  obtained a new designation as a Functional Aging Specialist. It’s about improving our body function as we age and I am an integrating it with nutrition, fitness and health  from youth to ripe old age to keep us functioning as long as possible.

Each year we hear the phrase “40 is the new 30” and I recently heard “ 70 is the new 60”.           Is this a mental thing or are we getting younger by each decade? I swear that I adjust to a “new normal“of aches and pains each day so what does it mean?  Are we getting healthier, have a better chance of living better, higher functioning and longer? Really????

Since I began this nutrition journey I’m deeply interested in the impact of health as we age:

  • Does eating nutritiously really make a difference?
  • What are the key issues that prevent us from getting sick or from feeling those chronic aches and pains?
  • Can we sustain good health and be higher functioning longer?

These questions are part of my quest to unlock those secrets, introduce you to easy and innovative ways for maintaining your health and increasing your physical capacity for functioning better so you can age with dignity.  Today, with growing technology unfolding new discoveries, we are learning that simple changes made by modifying our diet, refocusing our lifestyle, managing our stress, understanding our genetics or being blessed with just plain luck can make a difference.

We know that….

  • From birth to our mid 20’s, our physical efficiency increases and reaches its peak. Our bone density continues to grow (with a good supply of calcium and vitamin D) along with sufficient muscle mass (protein) that is maintained throughout our 30’s that makes us stronger, agile and flexible stabilizing our mobility and balance.
  • In our 40’s and 50’s, peak function begins to fade. Our metabolic rate (the speed at which the body burns calories) starts to modestly drop, our stomach acid declines with each decade with less absorption of nutrients, higher risk of intestinal permeability, weight gain and potential early symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer or autoimmune diseases can take effect. Women go through menopause (decline in estrogen, bone density and muscle mass) and men experience similar symptoms with weight gains in their “middle”, loss of muscle mass and as we enter our 60’s and 70’s, our bone density decreases rapidly along with instability in balance and mobility.

Aging doesn’t have to be this way…. You probably know some amazing people who are active and vital at age 90!

Today, I watched an inspiring video with Dr. Christine Northrup and Dr. Mercola  talking about women’s health. Dr. Northrup spoke about how her father instilled in her the idea that “It’s not about living forever; it’s about living well while you’re here,” reinforcing the value of healthy living. Dr. Northrup goes on to say that “in order to do that, your focus needs to be on living a healthy lifestyle, opposed to searching for and spending your life trying to treat diseases as they crop up.”  Watch interview here.

I loved her positive attitude and how your perception of age is a state of mind, we don’t have to buy into it.  Plus, the view that we’ve been conditioned to fear illness and blindly pursue treatments and medications that lead us on an endless path of more illness rather than believing the body can heal itself with fewer interventions.

More scientific studies are proving that our cells can regenerate in our brain and body at all ages. We can access alternative treatments and natural supplements such as stem cell, amino acids or herbs and also when we maintain a higher plant-based diet and adding in daily exercise, meditation and community engagement for creating a more meaningful lifestyle.

Today we have better access to nutrition and medicine combined with healthier lifestyle choices which have also make a significant difference.

Here are seven tips to get you started:

  1. Eat a nutrient-dense whole foods, 65% plant-based diet with whole grains and grass fed (organic preferably) quality proteins. Add in Omega 3’s and healthy fats (reduces inflammation and keeps you well oiled), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients (vegetables and fruits) and dietary fibre. Include low glycemic carbs (low sugar) to keep you feeling full and satiated.
  2. A good digestive system (critical to fending off illness) equals good stomach acid (also known as Betaine with hydrochloric acid (HCl)) When your stomach acid is compromised it impacts your digestion and can lead to heartburn, indigestion, IBS, gas, bloating and auto-immune diseases. Supplement with hydrochloric acid (Betaine HCL), digestive enzymes and probiotics that helps maintain a more acidic and beneficial environment in your stomach and intestines and get your digestive system working optimally. Ask me or contact your nutritionist, naturopath or doctor for specific directions.
  3. Eat slowly, and chew your food thoroughly (at least 20 chews per bite) and you will digest your food better. The majority of your digestive enzymes are actually in your mouth, not in your stomach. Therefore, chewing your food longer allows the food to be broken down better.
  1. Drink lots of water, clear and filtered about 8-10 glasses daily. Water helps transform nutrients throughout the body and manage eliminating waste products critical to keeping the digestive cycle fluid.
  1. Engage is regular exercise strengthens muscles and bones, reduces fat deposits, stimulates the brain, and helps the immune system, protecting the entire body against disease. It also helps reduce inflammation which is the single cause of illness. Strength and resistance training keeps your muscles in shape as you age, provides greater function for mobility, balance and climbing stairs.

So start moving, and don’t stop no matter what your age!

  1. The brain can grow new cells and build new neural networks. It remains flexible and versatile throughout our lifetime. This process is stimulated by mediation and relaxation using deep breathing techniques and visualization.
  2. Community equals Immunity. Studies have shown that one of the most important aspects of sustaining good health is cultivating human relationships in your life. Socializing daily with family and friends and participating in community engagement activities i.e continued education programs, spiritual centres and clubs have positive long terms effects on your health .

Each week you will get fun and informative stuff on these topics with helpful tips for improving energy, great and easy recipes, videos and online programs. No matter what age we all can use it.



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  • Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Micheal Murray and Joseph Pizzorn
  • Functional Aging Institute


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Here’s a delicious Lemonade recipe to squelch your summer thirst on those sweltering  HOT summer days! This lemonade will also tame your sweet cravings, ease your hunger pangs and keep you hydrated. (Adapted from JJ Virgin’s Lemon-Aid recipe):

  • Zest and juice of 1 lemon or lime
  • 32 ounces filtered water
  • 1 teaspoon L-glutamine powder (optional) (what is this?)*
  • 1 tsp coconut sap or stevia (use very little amount)
  • 1⁄2 thinly sliced lemon
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup of ice

Mix all the ingredients together (adjust sweetener to your desired taste).

The sour taste of lemon can reduce your sweet tooth since lemon juice takes 30 minutes before a meal to lower your blood sugar response. Drinking a glass of this lemonade will curb your hunger and cravings and the fibre from chia seeds makes you fill fuller longer. 

* L-glutamine powder is an amino acid that is highly effective for supporting digestive and gut health. It also boosts immune function and reduces inflammation and is awesome for for calming cravings.


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Have a great week!