Last Two Spots for Vegetarian Protein Cooking Class This Thursday!

Summer is less then 4 weeks away!

It’s a perfect time to eat fresh vegetables and foods you don’t get to eat year round.

I’m talking about fresh apricots, rhubarb, fiddleheads, asparagus and greens that tastes so delicious when in season! Make some awe-inspiring dishes you’re kids won’t believe you made or your friends will envy!

If you’re curious or always wanted to learn more about vegetarian cooking, take this class!

It’s more than beans and rice!!

There’s only two spots left. Thursday, May 23rd from 1 to 4 pm.

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 Vegetarian or vegan foods are essential for nuturing your body’s eco system. 

Maximizing the nutrient benefits of vegetables to get their full potential is knowing how to cook them and put meals together. 

All vegetables and plants contain protein.

There are many myths about vegetarian/vegan diets:
  • You won’t get enough protein compared to an animal based diet!
  • You won’t get sufficient calcium not eating dairy!
  • Just because something is vegetarian it’s healthy!

Eating a vegetarian diet is all about balancing your plant-based foods with other macronutrients.

If you’re an omnivore eater, it’s a great way to  mix it up!

Join me and others on Thursday, May 23rd from 1 to 4 pm, for a cooking class about vegetarian and vegan foods at my home.

In this cooking session you will learn about the science of vegetarian proteins and what ingredients to use to balance complete protein foods so you feel nourished and satiated with delicious whole food meals.
We will be using a variety of nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables, seaweeds and fruits. All ingredients. equipment and supplies are provided, You can bring your favourite cooking knife, an apron, a cutting board and of course, yourself!
Location: Parliament St and Carlton St.  afternoons and evenings. Any questions, please contact me at
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You’ll have lots of fun cooking, eating and meeting new people!
On a seperate note, you can also sign up for a private consultation with me, I am offering a discounted package (Alive and Thrive) of six sessions for $575 , find out more here.
In good health,

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