March Newsletter: Moringa Herb, Vertigo Exercise, Save The Date Retreat, Origin: A Film and more….

Welcome March!

  • MORINGA, a natural herb that is gaining popularity. It has multiple healing properties that may surprise you. Download a recipe!
  • VERTIGO exercise vestibular challenges or migraines. Listen to the exercise!
  • RETREAT: Save the Date for Cleanse, meditate, Create a one day retreat on April 12th  with Nicole Levy and myself
  • FILM: ORIGIN, A film you must see!
  • SOMATIC Movement sessions Thursdays are heating up
  • PRACTICE Together continues

In this Newsletter:

I like to think of March as a time to take a break and to consider trying something different than I typically do. Taking a short trip or enjoying time with friends and family as we start to break out of the slumber of winter.

MORINGA “The Miracle Plant”

During my travels to Asia last year, I met with an ayurvedic doctor who recommended I start taking the Moringa herb to help with my joint pain and regulate my blood sugar levels. I’ve mostly enjoyed it as a tea to boost my energy mid-day and discovered that its medicinal properties can treat a vast number of conditions for both chronic and degenerative illnesses. Chronic illnesses are a mystery that persist with fewer treatment options.

When seeking methods for healing a chronic health concern, it is best to start with food-based natural properties that your body can recognize for digestion and absorption.

Moringa is a plant grown in India, Africa and Asia and every part of it is used for medicinal purposes from its leaves, stems, roots, pods., seeds to its oil.

It is loaded with antioxidants, high in protein. It regulates blood sugar levels to stabilize weight, mood, diabetes and balancing hormones. It is powerful for healing digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, allergies, asthma, joint pain and arthritis. It is very effective for relieving inflammation by reducing oxidative stress the cause many degenerative illnesses. 

It has earned the nickname “the miracle plant.”

According to Kuli Kuli, an organization that harvests moringa plants in Africa where it is used to treat malnutrition , gram for gram the plant contains:

  • two times the amount of protein of yogurt
  • four times the amount of vitamin A as carrots
  • three times the amount of potassium as bananas
  • four times the amount of calcium as cow milk
  • seven times the amount of vitamin C as oranges

In a detailed study published in January 2023, Moringa oleifera: An Updated Comprehensive Review of Its Pharmacological Activities, Ethnomedicinal, Phytopharmaceutical Formulation, Clinical, Phytochemical, and Toxicological Aspects, provides extensive research on the applications of this herb that has been used for centuries.

I highly recommend you explore the study which is easy to read and includes maps and diagrams illustrating its medicinal benefits.

Out of its many healing benefits, it is useful for

  • Relieving inflammation for chronic digestive illnesses, cancers and musculoskeletal pain
  • Balancing blood sugar levels and hormones
  • Supporting brain health

Dosage Recommendations: There’s no recommended or required dosage of moringa at this time since it’s only an herbal supplement and not an essential nutrient. For dosage amounts, it is recommended to start by taking half a teaspoon of dried or powered moringa orally per day for three to five days, increasing your intake slowly over two weeks as you get acclimated to its effects.

Often with herbs, it is suggested to take it for two consecutive months for best results, take a break and evaluate for ongoing use. 

Some side effects can cause laxative effects and an upset stomach when overused. You can research other side effects  if you are prone to such as low blood pressure, slow heart rate or are pregnant and lactating.

Make sure to buy quality organic brands ensure you get the most moringa benefits possible.

You can get it here in North America in powdered form, capsules or tea. It is also available as an oil for skin conditions. You may be able to find dried leaves at some stores since it doesn’t grow in our climate.

Here’s a recipe for a Moringa Smoothie and if you can find the leaves its great in an Indian dal or stews.

Moringa can be so effective for numerous ailments. You maybe surprised!

I’ve love to hear about your expereince.

VERTIGO EXERCISE: A gentle movement for vestibular and headache symptoms. (Listen below)

Many people including myself, struggle with vertigo. It comes and goes and can be debilitating for weeks on end. It’s one of the most common reasons for doctor visits. It is also known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV

It is often triggered with the tilt of the head backwards to looking up, or rolling from side to side or going from lying in a horizontal position to rolling over and coming to sitting. Many first encounter it when doing a yoga or a Pilates class, like I experienced.

The tiny crystals of calcium carbonate that reside in the inner ear become dislodged. They then move into another section of the inner ear canals and stimulate the nerve receptors cells. Those cells tell the brain the head is being rotated which causes the dizziness, vertigo and nausea.  Vertigo is more common in women than men due to loss of estrogen and other hormonal imbalances.

Scott McCredie wrote in his book Balance: In Search Tor The Lost Sense, that there is an intimate connection between the vestibular system and the eyes called the Vestibular Ocular Reflex or (VOR). This reflex allows the eyes to stay focused on an object when the head moves sideways. When our heads turn, say to the left, a sign travels from the vestibular system to the eyes to tell then to move slightly to the right. The tiny movement of the eyes is enough to compensate for the head movement and keep the object focused on the retina or it would appear blurry.

The vestibular system is unconsciously moving your eyes at the precise speed necessary to counteract every head movement.

Just as the balance itself is invisible to us, so too the VOR works without our awareness. The VOR can be tricked into operating when there is no head movement .

For many of us who struggle with vertigo, the unknown anticipation of dizziness, nausea or a foggy swimming brain is alarming. The symptoms trigger the nervous system to react in a fight or flight response of either panic, fear or anxiety.

One way to calm these symptoms is to relax the body and mind so they subside as well gentle movements of the eyes rolling the head from side to side can be very soothing.

I invite you to try this gentle movement exercise with the eyes and head to calm symptoms.

Download the recording transcribed.

RETREAT: SAVE THE DATE for an In-Person Day Retreat on Friday, April 12th  from 10am to 3pm.

Please join Nicole Levy and myself for a one-day retreat to Cleanse, Meditate, and Create. You may recall in the January newsletter, I included a short interview with Nicole. She is a psychotherapist and an art therapist and uses mindfulness as part of her practice.

SAVE THE DATE for Friday April 12th to connect with like-minded people in a restful environment as you enjoy a day of relaxation, creativity and good food. Whether you’re looking to release stress, find inner peace through meditation, or unleash your creativity, this event has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to nurture your mind, body, and heart.

 The event is at my home and limited to 10 people. I will be offering a week-long cleanse following this retreat, so you’ll be able to get the information there.

GET THE DETAILS TO REGISTER – $125 for the day. After April 1st,  $145.

ABOUT Nicole Levy, Mindful Healing Journey, Psychotherapist and art therapist


A wonderful movie to see is Origin by director Ava DuVernay. Devaney intertwines the personal story of Isabel Wilkinson, Pulitzer prize writer of the book The Warmth of Other Suns with the creation of her next book Caste: The Origins of our Discontents. The film portrays her research and history linking the caste systems of America, India, and Nazi Germany. Wilkerson explores eight pillars that underlie caste systems across civilizations, including divine will, bloodlines, stigma, and more. Go see it! Origin is deeply moving and speaks to global current times.

SOMATIC MOVEMENT Sessions on Thursdays are Heating Up!

I’m pleased to share that I have completed my somatic movement training and will continue offering somatic movement sessions weekly. I incorporate Thomas Hanna’s system of neuromuscular education with movement awareness with Feldenkrais lessons. This work teaches us to recognize and release holding patterns and chronic pain resulting from injury, stress, repetitive strain, and habituated posture.

Somatic movement is based on the Thomas Hanna approach who developed the practice on the habituated state of forgetfulness of not using the body in its normal function referring it to as sensory-motor amnesia.  We often stop using parts of our body because of injury or pain and it becomes amnesiac impacting other parts that limit our movement and function. To read more

Every week we focus on another part of the body to debunk the myths of aging that our bodies are capable of sustaining good posture, function and mobility.

For the month of March, we’ll be focusing on opening the shoulders, spine and back. We utilize the pelvis to differentiate the vertebrae of the spine, and release the shoulders to unblock stiffness in the chest. We do these movements slowly to observe how the body moves and its effects our daily posture.

Register for  somatic Movement sessions on Thursdays at 10 am,

PRACTICE TOGETHER continues each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

When anxious or stressed you always have your breath to bring you into calm. When following the movement of your breath combined with deep breathing, it signals the nervous system to self-regulate and shift into a parasympathetic state.

Gentle movement prepares you for sitting  in mediation to enjoy the experience.

This week, join us in gentle movement and meditation as we PRACTICE TOGETHER on Tuesdays at 6 pm,  and Wednesdays at 9am

Access the calendars here:

For the first 20 minutes, we practice qigong and somatic movement sitting and standing and follow with a meditation for 20 minutes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I am always honoured to hear from you about your thoughts on this content. Contact me at or if you like to book a virtual coffee here

My best in health,