My Story

Rani Glick Photo standing

Rani Glick
Owner and Founder

I am Rani Glick, Certified Nutritionist, Mindful Eating and Mindfulness

Facilitator and overall enthusiast for enjoying life!

I have a passion for helping people feel better.  I am a creative person that loves working with my hands. I was an artist and created ceramic and mixed media sculpture. I always played in the kitchen baking, experimenting with foods. I’ve extended that love of cooking to becoming a certified nutritionist. My long time career as an Arts Management Executive provided me with skills in strategic planning, conference coordination and professional workshop  development and fundraising management.

My personal story was inspired by my passion for food and functional health.

I grew up in in a family full of illness and at a young age I had to step in and take control of their care with very little knowledge. I was the caregiver for both parents and siblings throughout my life.

As an adult, I struggled with my own health issues and wished to raise my family better. I learned that when I made healthier choices, eating whole foods, exercising regularly and thinking positive, my health improved.  I no longer had to follow the route my family went living a life of illness.

In 2014, I became a Certified Nutritionist Practitioner (CNP) and started my business The Wellness Wagon shortly thereafter. In 2018, I rebranded to Rani Glick Wellness consulting with individual and corporate clients. In 2021, I expanded my skills to include mindfulness facilitation and mindful eating observing with a functional lens the whole person (mind, body and heart) to achieve calm and confidence. Mindfulness is an embodied practice that nurtures a sustainable approach for long term change.

I have helped my family and inspired others to take control of their health.

I look forward to supporting your wellness journey!

I give people the information they need to make educated decisions so they can take responsibility for their wellness.

I have a passion for helping people achieve their wellness goals.  I would love to help you reach your full potential.

Imagine…. living and working in a healthy environment!

You are surrounded by patches of nature, the air is clean, the lighting soft and you’re able to work at tables, chairs and desks that are ergonomically designed and adjustable. You have access to healthy whole foods to snack or eat meals, and indoor spaces for fitness or private meditation mixed with open areas for lounging. Your work and home (or the same) are in a walkable or biking community, accessible and safe!

Sound good?

Wellness in the workplace is possible!

Download these 7+ tips to find out how.