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Rani Glick
Owner and Founder

Hi, I 'm Rani Glick

Certified holistic nutritionist , mindfulness-based  stress reduction trainer and clinical somatic educator.

I have an intuitive sense to help people feel better.  I am a creative person  and love working with my hands. I was an artist and created ceramic and mixed media sculpture. I always played in the kitchen baking, experimenting with foods, loved swimming and movement and am fascinated hearing other people's stories.  My long time career as an Arts Management Executive provided me with skills in strategic planning, conference coordination and professional workshop  development and fundraising management.

My personal story is inspired about mindful awareness that improved my health.

I grew up in in a family full of illness and at a young age I had to step in and take charge of their care with very little knowledge. I was the caregiver for both parents and siblings throughout my life.

Personally, I struggled with my relationship to food and body image. My emotional attachment to food has consumed me my whole life. I’ve been on many restrictive diets, my weight yo-yoed up and down where I have lost and gained over a 100 pounds and I'm a small-sized person! The idea was put in my head that I was not good enough or had a disordered eating problem, made me a slave to dieting.  I felt anxiety about fitting in and confused about my self-worth and body image. When I discovered mindful eating it changed my understanding of how I approach food.

As an adult, my anxiety increased as did my health issues from stressful life problems of difficult pregnancies, work stress, family problems and deaths, menopause and muscular/skeletal declining health. I wished to raise my family better. I learned that when I made healthier choices, eating whole foods, exercising regularly and shifting my mindset to mindful awareness that my health improved.

When I became a Certified Nutritionist Practitioner in 2014, I learned about the power of nutritious foods and the application of supplements and herbs.. My wellness consulting practice with individuals and corporate clients evolved and in 2021, I expanded my skills to include mindfulness stress-reduction facilitation and somatic movement (2022-23). I became involved in the mindful eating movement which gave me a solid foundation to follow..

Mindful eating slows my brain down, I feel less anxiety and eat more comfortably. I notice patterns and habits of how my body feels and am more aware of the physical signals of fullness and satisfaction. My body sensations became clues to observing my mind's active thoughts inviting curiosity and compassion to myself.

The mind and body awareness connected the dots to trusting my body and taking better care of my overall health.

Since then I have helped my family and supported others to take charge of their health.

That’s my story, and I will share with you countless stories of other people whom I‘ve worked with who struggle with mindless eating.

My programs FEED THE BRAIN: A mindful eating approach to nourish the body, heart and mind  or  Heal to Health, a mindfulness approach to cope with stress are available as a group program or drop-in to weekly to monthly Practice Together or Somatic Movement sessions or monthly Eating Mindful Together chats.

I look forward to being a supportive partner in your wellness journey!