New Programs and Events Begin in August and September, 2022

I’m really excited to share with you upcoming events that I am presenting this summer and fall for you to participate in!

In August, I’m introducing a new program called FEED THE BRAIN: A Mindful Eating Approach To Nourishing The Body, Heart and Mind on Tuesdays from August 23 to October 11th.

I’m looking for twelve people to pilot this program at a reduced rate. Find out more here.

The program is not about diet, nutrition or weight loss. It’s about the way you approach food, your relationship to food, your body’s reaction to food and how the mind perceives food.

Over eight weeks we will explore the evolution of diet culture and its impact on body image, that health and wellness are non-diets and how to best take care of yourself. It this program, we are applying movement, meditation and fun interactive exercises about what your body really needs for sustainable wellness. READ MORE ABOUT IT.


From August 9th to September 12th, I’m co-presenting talks with yoga instructor Christina Sjoberg called Vibrant Health and Happiness: Experience What You Desire More Easily.

This one-hour talk will show you how to apply key habits for living a life of ease and good health. Christina and I will demonstrate some key benefits of why habits are essential for long term health through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and functional nutrition. Then we will dive deeper to give you some tools to start your journey to vibrant living. 

Visit Eventbrite link below to get your tickets:


  • August 9 @ 2 pm
  • August 18 @ 12:30 pm
  • August 21 @ 10 am
  • September 12 @ 7:30 pm

This culminates on September 17th with Retreat in the City, an in-person event (limited to ten people). Save the date! More to come about this event.


From September 15th to November 3rd, 2022 sign up for the next Mindfulness Stress Reduction program now called Heal To Health, A Mindfulness-Based Method To Coping With Stress

Have you wanted to apply a personal mindfulness practice to your daily life? This program provides an solid foundation for experiencing a variety of practices in one program. The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program developed by Jon Kabat Zinn offers a wealth of resources for finding calm when coping with personal stress and anxiety with life’s constant disruptions. Participants from the last group experienced positive change discovering their mindful practice . READ MORE and Register Here


From August 11th to October 4th , Continue your meditation practice in a group setting (for graduates from the eight-week program or have a practice of their own). Sign up for Practice Together, 10-pack of one-hour meditation and movement sessions.

All these  programs are available to you at reduced rates.

These programs and events are a culmination of development I have been pursuing for the past few years. I hope you will join me at the events and participate in these programs which I think you will find life changing to supporting your health journey.

My best in health,

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