Practice Together

Each week we Practice Together in gentle movement and meditation. 

Join us for Mindful Tuesdays at 6 pm and/or Wake-Up Wednesdays at 9am to Practice Together. We practice qigong and somatic movement for the first 20 minutes and a meditation for 20 minutes. Followed by an open discussion if you wish to share.

For September, enjoy this selection of meditations and videos from our qigong and somatic movement sessions. Practice Together resumes October 10th, 2023. You can register now for the next sessions.

To register For Tuesday’s date, use this calendar or this link

To register for Wednesday’s date,  use this calendar

Click on the date you want, add your email and you will receive an email confirmation with the zoom link. It can  also be copied into your calendar. Please register in advance of  6:00pm so you get the email with the zoom link. 

Happy Practicing….


Awareness of Breath 15 minutes
Body Scan 20 Minutes
Walking meditation 10 minutes
The Mountain 16 Minutes
Body breath Sounds and Emotions 18 minutes
Breath Becomes A Mirror