Deepen your mindfulness practice with a virtual Silent Retreat Day

Sunday, December 3rd from 10 am to 3 pm

This is an opportunity to spend an extended period in silence being guided through a series of mindful movement and sitting meditations. It is a welcome respite to enjoy stillness in the fast pace of everyday life that we experience.

Enjoy the benefits for a day of restorative self-care:

  • Calming the mind
  • Reducing physical tension
  • Spending a day in personal reflection
  • Sharing in a group of like-minded and caring people
  • Bringing inner peace and purpose in spiritual solace.
  • Focusing on positive habits and attitudes

Past participants of the mindfulness-based stress reduction and the Health to Health programs found the experience restorative and enhanced their personal insight and self knowledge of their mindfulness practice.


“ I loved the silent retreat day, it was like taking a day off from my life”. Janet R.

“The silent retreat was so calming, I floated away afterwards and enjoyed the rest of my day feeling calm.”      Maureen L.

The Silent Retreat Day is also experienced in the eight week Heal to Health Program. It is a segment of the Mindfulness-Stress Reduction Program developed by Jon Kabat Zinn. It is offered between the sixth and seventh session.

This invitation is for anyone who has a personal practice or would like to experience mindfulness mindful meditations and movement.

Here’s sample of the Silent Retreat Agenda from March 19 2023

It’s $25 for the day!


Contact me if you have any questions.