Spring Cleanse, Pole Walking, Somatics, Stress Relief

What are you plans for this spring?

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The Reset Spring Cleanse April 17TH to April  23RD

Spring is the season of renewal. press the reset button and invite in renewed wellness, leaving the heaviness of winter behind. Treat yourself to a spring cleanse for seven days! You can throw off the heavy layers of clothing and discard what you no longer need, It’s a wellness@raniglick.com.

you can find out more about the cleanse https://raniglick.com/seven-day-spring-cleanse/

Check in if you miss starting on April 17th. Another group will be starting the following week.

Pole walking sessions with Deidre Pretlove, from Personal Best Physiotherapy.

Have you tried pole walking to increase your workout capacity while walking? Pole walking is not an old person’s activity, it’s a great way to strengthen your arms, core, legs and muscle strength using your whole body to move. It is also a fantastic way to discover new areas of the city walking and enhance your workout!

Join Diedre Pretlove and I on these dates. Saturday April 22, at 1 pm or May 5 at 9:30 am to get started. (weather permitting) Contact wellness@raniglick.com to confirm your date, time and location.

Deirdre will start off with a demonstration, some warm up exercises, how to efficiently use the poles while walking and lead us through a few walking routes in the Cabbagetown/Riverdale area for 90 minutes.

Bring your own walking poles. You can get poles through Urban Poling or at Shoppers Drug Mart Wellwise stores. We will meet afterwards at my home for coffee/tea and light snacks. If you are purchasing poles Deidre recommends the Activator or their regular poles by Urban Poles.

Learn more about Diedre Pretlove and Personal Best Physiotherapy.

Contact wellness@raniglick.com to confirm your interest.

PRACTICE TOGETHER continues on Tuesdays at 6pm with movement and meditation. Register here.


The Somatics Movement Series continues in May.

Currently, there are  two classes running on Thursdays for the Myth of Aging series. The next somatic movements are a different series and will continue in May. Somatic movement is a system of neuromuscular movement awareness practice and education. This work teaches us to recognize and release holding patterns and chronic pain resulting from injury, stress, repetitive strain, and habituated postures. Contact wellness@raniglick.com if you are available. these sessions right now are free.

Transform your stress into strength with the Heal to Health, A mindful practice to cope with stress program . The next session begins May 10th for 6 weeks. Register here.

I love hearing from you. Please contact me at wellness@raniglick,.com for more information about any of these program.

My best in health,


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