Taking Time To Rest

Views of Mezquita Mosque, MAAT art and archtecturein Lisbon, Tile museum, Lisbon, The Alhambra in Granada

I’m on vacation travelling parts of Spain and Portugal with my husband Jan-Willem.

It’s a privilege to take this time and travel. For us, there is nothing like seeing the world taking in the sites, smells, and tastes to discovering these two countries. 

What has made an  impression on me is the awareness of time. Taking time for yourself, being present in the experience and getting into your body with the senses. 

Naturally, letting go of our regular frantic pace of the day to day we don’t realize what it does to us. 

In travelling, I’m slowing down and mindfully tapping into the natural rhythm of my body telling me when to eat, being hungry or full, moving my body and resting.

We think and act with our body, we relate to the world with our body and our mind is body bound. It is an innate action for the body when in the parasympathetic rest and digest state seeking regulation (or balance) that the mind becomes calmer.

Mindful eating supports this same awareness, taking the time to eat, slowing down and connecting to the senses. Listening to the body’s cues to when its hungry and full. 

How can you continue this in my day to day living?

When I worked in stressful jobs, caring for my family and being too busy to even think about these things, I wish I knew then what I know now. I

know now that practising mindfulness is a beneficial process combined with gentle body movement and nourishing foods that makes a difference to feeling better. Taking the time for slowing down when eating and  being present with my experiences.

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I’ve been posting  on Instagram and Facebook some pics of my trip . Here are a few more. While it’s crazy busy with tourists everywhere, the sites are magnificent. 

My best in Health


P.S. pls excuse typos or grammar, composed on an ipad.


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