Food allergies and sensititvites are effecting every age group today.

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Think big picture about what’s really going on in your body!

It’s not the food that is the cause of your problem, it’s your body’s reaction to the food.

You still need to treat the root cause!

(Root cause is unique to each person but starts in the gut)

There are many tests out there to find out which foods are causing your sensitivity or allergy. Costs for tests range from $250 to $700.  You will receive a list of foods to eliminate in order to reduce symptoms. This is helpful for a short period and is only a temporary fix.

You may be shocked by the number of foods you’ll be asked to eliminate and wonder what will you be able to eat?  That’s where I come in! Most importantly, eliminate processed foods from your diet and eat whole foods.

If you step back and consider the big picture, look at the state of your digestive and immune system!

Your digestive system produces Hydrochloric Acid (or stomach acid) which is critical for absorbing nutrients and keeping good bacteria in balance. This is fundamental!

Your immune system constantly interacts and protects your internal environment from allergies, infections or cancer. Its job is to protect you from viruses, bacteria yeasts and fungi, foreign proteins and cancer cells. The immune system is always on the lookout for foreign invaders. Keep it healthy and on guard!

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80% of your immune system cells live in the gut. If weakened, the first point of contact is in the gut followed by inflammation!
When stomach acid or pH is too low, nutrients cannot be absorbed throughout your body. It can produce a tirade of problems:
  •  Gas, bloating and acid reflux
  •  Poor digestion in the intestines, feeds bad bacteria viruses and parasites
  • Poor absorption blocks vitamins into the digestive tract to access the cell for nourishment.
  • Stomach acid requires a thick mucosal lining to be effective. When out of balance havoc ensues causing illnesses such as leaky gut, IBS, allergies, celiac disease or autoimmune illnesses such as celiac, Crohn’s or rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis to name a few.
  • Emotional and physical stress and environmental toxins also impact your health everyday
Here are some tips about what you you can do about it?

Drink fresh Lemon juice and Water every morning

Drink Celery Juice made in a juicer (16 oz) every morning for 2 weeks away from food

Apple Cider Vinegar (in water or alone) before meals

Probiotics Take a high quality probiotic (Genestra HMF Intensive) will go much farther than just standard brands (do research).

THINK bigger picture and nurture the root cause.

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In good health,

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