Watch this video: This is Parkinson’s

THIS IS PARKINSON’S  created by Norwegian Photographer  Anders M. Leines

I’m a visual person and maybe you are too. Films and videos often impact me deeper and this one does using still images that paints a picture of people from Norway living with Parkinson’s who are  younger and from all walks of life.

Anders Leines is a video journalist by profession.  Six years ago he was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s.  As he learned more about the illness and the people it affected he was amazed at the surge of early onset Parkinson’s patients like himself.

He decided to create a series of portraits using photography to capture a whole new generation of people living with Parkinson’s. Watching this video and viewing the images, I found it very moving, emotionally jarring yet uplifting to hear their voices even though I study this disease every day.

Leines’ idea was to give the image of Parkinson’s disease a ‘total makeover’ from the traditional perspective of people depicted as tiptoeing, shaking, and stooping seniors with whispering voices and frozen faces. Leines found that these images are apathetic or asocial people who are uninterested in taking part of normal social engagement. We know that is not the case. He felt it fosters a prejudice as society views Parkinson’s patients as helpless, feeble and written off.

 “This exhibition showcases proud people with their emotions and abilities, including self-respect and humour, intact. They are different from each other just like everyone else. Some have little children. They are young. They are vulnerable. They have dreams. They want action and they are willing to contribute”, Leines says

This is Parkinson’s is currently touring in Norway and will travel to the USA and hopefully other countries maybe Canada in the future.

Why do you think this is happening? The stats on Parkinson’s were identified at ages 50 to 60 years old it’s now getting younger. I think it’s from environmental toxins, pesticides, insecticides and other pollutants. What do think?

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I viewed this exhibition online and it does show a range of ages giving a very different perspective on the disease. Today many people are living better, prouder, and engaged in their community, work and family life with Parkinson’s. It is also with greater awareness about eating  a healthier diet, regularly exercising and becoming better informed about how to use medications for living symptom free.

I found this video on a fantastic website called Parkinson’s Life. It has great articles on current trends in Parkinson’s from Europe and other continents. Check it out. I am  sharing their articles in this blog, facebook and other social media.

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Be well, healthy and happy!